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Cumulative Return on Investment (commenced 2017)


Cumulative Profit on Turnover (commenced 2017)


2019 results

RoundUnits outlaidProfit/LossPOT
Round 181.316.25%
Round 263.863.3%
Round 386.986.25%
Round 42-2-100%
Round 54-1.3-32.5%
Round 685.2665.75%
Round 76-1.3-21.67%
Round 88-0.8-20%
Round 981.5619.5%
Round 101118.14165%
Round 1145.46137%
Round 1261.220%
Round 136-0.56-9.3%
Round 144-0.3-7.5%
Round 1592.531.25%
Round 1645.24131%
Round 1761.3622.67%
Round 1832.5886%
Round 194-0.62-15.5%
Round 201-1-100%
Round 21

How do we create these tips?

The predictions come from years of research and data crunching to generate our algorithm that:

Uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms

Is tailored for every team in the competition

Automatically adapts with every round’s new stats

Incorporates a range of information, such as: weather, market odds, key players and specific match statistics

Essentially we crunch the numbers in the background and deliver the results into an easy to follow table of match predictions.

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