Nearly game time folks, bring it on! We have almost finalised the tips for the weekend Super Rugby and will be posting shortly.

An exciting advancement for Advantage Punter this year is the addition of the staking plan. Each recommended bet will be displayed to subscribers along with a recommended stake between 1 and 10.

For current subscribers, those who are considering a subscription, or anyone looking to improve on their punting returns we would advise establishing a betting bank for the season.  From there we would recommend holding accounts with a number of bookmakers to ensure you are able to secure the best price for each match (best to shop at the top)! In essence, the recommend units equate to a percentage outlay of the betting bank, meaning recommended stakes range from 1% – 10%.

An example week for someone with a $1000 betting bank is as follows:

Recommended BetsOddsUnits% Of $1000 Bank / Outlay
Team A$1.433% / $30
Team B$2.355% / $50
Team A – 7.5$1.955% / $50
Under 43.5$1.922% / $20
Team A, Team C, Team D Multi-Bet$2.511% / $10

Simply follow the weekly staking plan to determine your outlays and for those that use their own staking plan, put this information to use when making your wagering decisions.

We will update our profit and loss return weekly throughout the season based on the staking plan.

Thanks to those that have signed up for the season already and for anyone else please feel free to send through any questions you may have.

Super Rugby 2018 tips